01 May, 2018

Preventing More Parklands – What Worked and What Hasn’t

For years the Left has attacked the Second Amendment as the progenitor of gun violence, and demonized the millions of Americans who support their right of self-defense as...
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23 May, 2018

My Take on the June Ballot Propositions

Prop. 68 – Fool me once, shame on you: NO. This adds about $400 of new debt onto your family’s tab, that you’ll repay in future taxes plus interest. It promises to be u...
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Tom McClintock has become one of the most recognizable political leaders in California.

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12 Aug, 2016

Derlet Invited to Support McClintock Measures to Save Our Forests

“I welcome Dr. Derlet’s sudden concern over the disastrous condition of our forests. He might want to read the eight ye

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17 Oct, 2014

National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition Endorses McClintock

Congressman Tom McClintock received the endorsement of the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition for re-electio

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10 Oct, 2014

McClintock Accepts Invitation to Debate

Congressman Tom McClintock has accepted an invitation to debate challenger Art Moore at the Auburn Chamber of Commerce w

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