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KFBK 2/2: Trumps Endorsement, America at War and Obama's Housing Program

February 2, 2012

Tom McClintock discusses:

  • Mitt Romney's endorsement from Donald Trump and how Trump is not a conservative.
  • How the Presidential Primary is a sorting process and part of that process is to expose the candidates to the attacks that we are confident that Obama will be making during the general election.
  • That he is quite confident that the next President of the United Stated will be Republican.
  • War and how this Country need to understand that war should not be taken as a trivial matter, we need to do everything we can to stay out of war. However, when it is forced upon us, we must put all of our resources, might and fury behind our troops and win an absolute victory.
  • Obama's Housing Program and how he has only made matters worse. What Obama is doing by continuing to intervene in the housing market is prolonging our agony.  If the Government would have stayed out if the matter, the housing would have hit bottom long ago and we would be well on our way to a rebound.