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National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition Endorses McClintock

By Jon Huey on October 17, 2014

(Roseville, CA)  Today Congressman Tom McClintock received the endorsement of the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition for re-election to California’s 4th Congressional District.

“I am truly honored to have earned the endorsement from one of the nation’s leading veterans coalition. In my tenure in Congress, the care of those who have served and sacrificed for our country has been one of my top priorities,” said Congressman Tom McClintock.

McClintock Ballot Recommendations

By Tom McClintock on September 30, 2014

Prop 1 – Water Bond: YES.  This is a long way from a perfect measure, but it’s as good as it gets in California these days: a $7.5 billion water bond that spends $2.7 billion for new water storage.  If that sounds breathtakingly underwhelming, remember that’s $2.7 billion more than the multi-billions of dollars of water bonds that we’ve spent in recent years. Sadly, it doesn’t overhaul the environmental laws that vastly inflate costs and it squanders a great deal more that won’t be used for storage, but it is a step away from the lunacy of the green left (that adamantly opposes it) and this alone merits support.       

Confronting the Islamic State

By Tom McClintock on September 22, 2014

Rep. McClintock Earns the Highest Score in the House from the National Taxpayers Union

By admin on September 18, 2014

For the second year in a row, Rep. Tom McClintock received the highest score in the House of Representatives from the National Taxpayers Union, for his votes in the 113th Congress. NTU also named Rep. McClintock a "Taxpayers' Friend."

NTU’s annual Rating sets the standard for fiscal scorecards by not simplistically focusing on only a handful of equally weighted “key votes”, but on every roll call vote affecting fiscal policy – appropriation, authorization, and tax bills; budget target resolutions; amendments; and certain regulatory or procedural votes that could affect overburdened taxpayers.

Lake Tahoe Summit

By Tom McClintock on August 19, 2014

I want to thank Senator Feinstein for hosting this year’s summit and for directing its attention to the threat of catastrophic wildfire, the greatest natural threat facing the Lake Tahoe region.  It utterly destroys forests and their habitats; it makes a mockery of all of our air and water quality laws; it threatens life and property throughout our mountain communities.  It consumes vast resources to fight and it depresses tourism and the local economy that depends on it.

In recent years, our forests have been devastated by a dramatic increase in wildfires, as well as pestilence and disease. 

In Defense of Israel

By Tom McClintock on July 30, 2014

Mr. Speaker:

We are watching the rise of Islamic fascism on a scale unprecedented in modern times.  It may be wrapped in different symbols and trace its genealogy through a different line, but at its core, it is fascism.  Listen to its virulent anti-Semitism, the explicit promise of genocide, the utter rejection – indeed, disdain – for fundamental principles of democracy, justice and human rights.  There can be no doubt what is happening.

European fascism might have consumed all of Europe except for one gritty holdout – for more than a year, Great Britain stood in the breach.  Had it fallen, the consequences would have been unthinkable.

The Border Crisis

By Tom McClintock on July 25, 2014

Mr. Speaker:

Wherever I go, people express a growing anger over the illegal immigration that is overwhelming our southern border.  People ask me:

•    “How can we talk about securing the border in the Ukraine or Iraq while our own border is wide open?” 
•    “How can we talk about supporting the population of Central America when we’re $18 trillion in debt?” 
•    “How can we talk about giving jobs to millions of illegal immigrants when fewer Americans are working today than when the so-called recovery began?” 
•    “If the federal government can’t defend our own border, what good is it?”

Mr. Speaker, I cannot answer them.

Ending Energy Subsidies

By Tom McClintock on July 10, 2014

Mr. Chairman:

This amendment requires energy companies of all kinds to fund their own research and development programs rather than continuing to require taxpayers to subsidize their activity to the tune of $3.1 billion.

If we are serious about an all-of-the-above energy policy, we have to stop using taxpayer money to pick winners and losers in the energy industry and require every energy technology and every energy company to compete on its own merits.

For too long we’ve suffered from the conceit that politicians can make better energy investments with taxpayer money than investors can with their own money.  It is this conceit that has produced a long line of scandals best illustrated by the Solyndra fiasco.

Yosemite Sesquicentennial Celebration

By admin on June 30, 2014

I want to thank all of you who have worked so long and hard to make this sesquicentennial celebration of the original Yosemite Grant Act so moving. 

The earliest description of this valley comes to us from Dr. Lafayette Bunnell, a member of the Mariposa Battalion that pursued a band of Ahwaneechies into the valley in 1851.